Recommended Gear

I have spent HUNDREDS OF HOURS researching and testing the best gear suitable for phone photography. I regularly carry this gear into the hills where the going is tough and weather conditions can be harsh. These items have PROVEN THEMSELVES OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

Keep in mind, that these items are not necessarily the highest-end or most expensive. My goal is to recommend gear that is reasonably priced while still maintaining a VERY HIGH STANDARD.

Best Phone Photography Course

KICK-ASS COURSE This course is the FASTEST way into phone photography FULL STOP Geared towards both Android and Apple users it clearly explains everything you need to know to start taking STUNNING photos. SUPERCHARGE your photography with these quick to learn PROFESSIONAL TECHNIQUES.

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Best Power Bank

Anker Powercore II, Ultra-Compact 10000mAh

HOLDS IT’S CHARGE FOR MONTHS I use this power bank to charge all of my devices, even on overnight camping trips. It is powerful enough to charge your phone SEVERAL TIMES, GPS and torches and works well even in colder conditions. Anker is one of the LEADING BRANDS in power bank technology and their banks are SUPER RELIABLE. This unit is small enough to slip into a pocket, I like to keep mine in the hood pocket of my backpack. I COULDN’T MANAGE WITHOUT IT!

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Best Smartphone Tripod Mount

KobraTech Universal Cell Phone Tripod Mount

SUPER STURDY this tripod mount is built to last and has some COOL FEATURES like REMOTE CONTROL, angle and size adjustment. Fits any mobile phone and has rubber grips to protect your phone from scratches. Those cheap spring-loaded tripod mounts are NOT RECOMMENDED as they put additional pressure on your phone screen and can SCRATCH your device.

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Best Mini Tripods

Joby Gorillapod 1K With Ball Head

THIS TRIPOD IS SO COOL The Joby is my most used mini tripod. I love it! The ball head on this small tripod enables the camera to be used at so many different angles and it’s superb for macro photography on uneven ground. When I head off hiking I usually slip this tripod into one if the side pockets on my backpack. If I didn’t have it I would miss it A LOT!

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations, this is a genuine Joby Gorillapod, get the latest price and specs here

Manfrotto Pixi

THE PIXI IS ANOTHER KEEPER. Superb for video due to its legs folding in to make a small handle. This is my GO-TO tripod for making hand held video. Perfect for sitting on a wall or on the ground for a walk past shot. CAN’T GO WRONG WITH MANFROTTO!

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Best Larger Tripods

Rollei Compact Traveler No. 1 Aluminium

BUILT LIKE A TANK, but Lightweight. Beautifully made and stable enough for windy conditions. THIS IS MY CAMPING TRIPOD. When I head to hills this is what I take as I know it can handle the punishment. German engineering at an affordable price.

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Manfrotto Compact Light

SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT, this is my favorite everyday tripod. Not as sturdy as the Rollei but compact and light and suitable for normal use. I keep mine in the car so it’s always READY TO GO.

Get the full details on the Manfrotto Compact Light on Amazon here

ALL of the above tripods are SUPERB QUALITY and are perfect for use with your smartphone. They are not as heavy as regular DSLR tripods but I know they DO THE JOB WELL as I use them regularly myself.

Best Lenses For IOS and Android Phones

SUPERB BUILD QUALITY and sharp, Moment Lenses are one of the best phone lenses manufacturers that are suitable for both IOS and ANDROID.

There are lots of brands on the market but beware! There is a lot of CHEAP POOR QUALITY lenses that simply do not produce good results. Stay clear of clip-on lenses, they are awkward to use and not very stable. Moment uses the M System where the lens clips into a phone case, this is a much better system and you have a great phone case too.

Best M Mount Cases

STRONG AND CONTEMPORARY M Mount cases attach the M Mount lenses securely and at the correct distance from the phone camera lens. You can get cases for a variety of phones. Like the lenses, Moment cases are VERY WELL MADE.

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Best Wide Angle Lens

SUPERB FOR LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY the Moment 18mm wide-angle is probably the most versatile lens. Metal construction and really sharp images make this my best choice for landscape and general use.

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Best Macro Lens

STUNNING MACRO PHOTOS with the Moment Macro lens. Use the included light diffuser to get even exposure. This lens can capture AMAZING close-ups. I always carry mine in its cloth bag at the top of my backpack. I would MISS SO MANY COOL PHOTOS if I didn’t have this Lens

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Best Anamorphic Lens

WOW! Turn your videos into beautiful CINEMATIC masterpieces with the Moment Anamorphic lens. Beautiful horizontal flairs and a cinematic viewpoint will stun your viewers. This lens is a must for YOUTUBERS and videographers.

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Best Smartphones

Google Pixel 3/Pixel 3 XL

BEST ALL-ROUND CAMERA The Pixel 3 came out as the best phone for low light and also won the best overall camera phone on my reviews. Google seems to be able to squeeze just that little bit extra out of the hardware and software, as you might expect. A SUPERB CAMERA PHONE well worth considering, the XL version gives the best battery life.

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Samsung Galaxy S10/S10 Plus

MY WORKHORSE I have always been a Galaxy phone fan and I have had several versions of the Galaxy S series. Samsung seems to be going down the route of developing phones with multiple cameras. The S10 has THREE CAMERAS on the back and a single front camera, the Plus has two front-facing cameras. These cameras offer a LOT of flexibility, I went for the Plus, the difference in battery life is considerable.

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Apple iPhone XS/XS Max

SUPERB CAMERA iPhone users will want to stick with the brand they love. This smartphone has superb camera options with two rear cameras and a front camera. Again significantly better battery life with the Max version.

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Best Phone Gimbal (Period)

ROCK STEADY VIDEO There is nothing worse to watch than shaky video, but now there are NO EXCUSES. Phone Gimbals allow you to capture BUTTERY SMOOTH video even while on the move. I have had several Phone Gimbals but there was always a problem with them; too heavy, too bulky, too noisy. Only the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 really HITS THE MARK.

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